Student Halls of Residence

PULS has 3 dormitories for students which are located ten minutes away from the main Campus.

International students are entitled to book Dormitory for the entire duration of the course.

You can choose within 3 accomodation types:

  1. DOUBLE ROOM100 EUR per month
  2. SINGLE ROOM130 EUR per month
  3. STUDIO FLAT350 EUR per month


In your bedroom you will find:  a single bed, a desk, a table, two chairs, two bookshelves, one wardrobe, a food cupboard, blinds, a radiator and a fridge.

There is also a bathroom with a sink, a toilet and a shower to share between two rooms.

You can also ask for a free of charge bed linen which will be washed for you once a month.

All bills and the INTERNET are included in the price of your room.

You can connect to the WiFi (UPPOZ_wifi) or use a cable. You will get the login and a password at the reception.

Studio flat

There is a possibility to rent an apartment which has  two big and fully equipped rooms, your own kitchen and a private bathroom.

Common kitchens

There are two common kitchens on each floor of the building where you can use electric stoves and a washbasin.

Other facilities

There are quiet study rooms open for student’s use in each Dormitory building. Head to the reception to reserve a key!If you want to play basketball, tennis, volleyball or football, halls are surrounded by facilities prepared for this. If you need a ball or other equipment, there are rental posibilities at the dormitory administration.

There are barbecue places opened for student’s use behind the dormitories. You can also use one of the halls/lounges supplied with chairs, tables and TVs inside the dormitory buildings. The is only one rule for users of all common areas – clean after yourself!


Your master thesis should be printed in three examples and submitted to:

  • two copies for your supervisor and reviewer  printed on one side and set together (binded) in hard binding,
  • one copy for the Dean’s Office printed double-paged (on both sides) and set together (binded) in soft binding, together with CD with PDF and word file (on the CD please do not put this three attachements from above) of your master thesis. Only to the copy for Dean’s Office you must put the attachements (in polish and english).All files You need to fill for Your thesis, are available in Virtual Deans Office in: MY STUDIES-> various materials-> Diploma thesis forms and documents.

You are also obliged to submitt to the Dean’s Office:

  • 4 photographs in size 45×65 mm.,
  • clearance slip after collecting all the stamps.

The diploma will be only given to the students who don’t have any financial and other arreas to the University (like accomodation fees, tuition fees ect.).

Health insurance

Free healthcare for students can be provided by the organization called National Health Fund (Polish: NFZ). EU citizens holding a student status in Poland are entitled to get free healthcare during the time of their studies.

If you are a student from outside EU/EFTA, you may sign a contract with the Wielkopolska Province Department of the National Health Fund (Polish abbreviation: NFZ) in order to obtain a health insurance. You will have to pay a small fee in order to be assigned to the NFZ.

For details please check: or ask us by email.

Proof of insurance

After you will become a PULS student and coming to Poland you must hold a health insurance valid for at least 3 months after coming to Poland. In this 3 months you are obliged to sign a contract with NFZ or other private insurance company – don’t worry the International Student Office is going help you with that.

European Health Insurance Card

In emergency situations students can seek help at the nearest Hospital Emergency Department or call an ambulance (112 – in case of any emergency, 999 – for an ambulance).
For more information call: 0 800 800 805 or 61 850 60 36 or 61 850 60 72 (Monday – Friday, from 8AM to 4PM)



If you need some basic medication you can visit any drugstore your have nearest to your location. They are located all around the city. Remember: in certain cases you may be asked to show a prescription.


In case of any danger you can call 112 or contact the Police directly – 997.


Most Embassies or Consulates are located in the Poland’s capital – Warsaw, approximately 350km away from Poznan. You can take a train or a bus to get there in just two hours.